Joining the CCS Family

Community Christian School’s admission process is designed to admit qualified students who are capable of benefiting from the school’s college preparatory format and making a positive contribution to the school community. Our Admissions Team works to identify, attract and retain families who share the following characteristics: Christ-centered values, ownership in their children’s discipleship and education, and a selfless approach to being a part of a Kingdom focused ministry. We are also looking for students with self-motivation and a solid work ethic, admirable character, and an enthusiasm for involvement in the school’s co-curricular activities.

Step 1: Attend an Information Meeting
Families attend one required information meeting to learn the history, mission, vision, and goals of Community Christian School. They also receive their admissions packet and materials at these meetings. Following an information meeting, families are invited to see the school in operation and meet with our administration in a less formal open house and many then choose to have their children “shadow” for the day.

Step 2: Review Materials and Pray
After the information meeting, families are encouraged to carefully review the distributed material about the school, and contact the school with any questions, and pray. Finding the right school for a child is one of the biggest decisions a parent will have to make during these foundational years of their life.

Step 3: Apply for Admissions
Families complete and submit all required forms received in their application packet at the information meeting and pay all applicable admissions and testing fees.

 Step 4: Admissions Test
Once the application, application fee, and all required documents are received by our admissions team, families will be notified of the date for the student admissions test. The prospective student should plan for the admissions test to take approximately one hour. All students should bring copies of any school grade reports and achievement testing (within the last 2 years) at the time of testing. This information will also be used along with your placement test results.

Step 5: Family Interview
Upon completion of the student admissions test, the office of admissions will schedule a family interview. Both parents/legal guardians and applicant are required to attend. During the family interview, the admissions counselor will gain a greater understanding of the academic, spiritual, and goals for the applicant. The admissions counselor will also take this opportunity to review the results of the admissions test. Upon completion of steps 1-4, the admissions team will meet as a committee and make a decision regarding admissions.

Step 6: Begin the Journey
Upon acceptance to CCS, families will receive a registration packet. The family will be responsible for completing and returning the registration packet, along with the applicable registration fees. The deadline for returning registration forms is 10 days from receipt of the acceptance letter. If the registration/electives forms are not completed and returned within 10 business days, the student’s spot may be released to another applicant.