Parent/School Agreement

Children must be accepted to CCS through a formal admissions process. Both parental involvement and student cooperation is essential for CCS to fulfill its mission. Therefore, as a condition of acceptance to this school, the parents and student applying for admission must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Parents must provide CCS with a completed application form for each child applying for admission, including academic records, health forms, and other information as specified in the application packet. Students will not be admitted without complete records.
  2. Parents and students must sign a form stating their acknowledgement of our Statement of Faith as an expression of whom we are and what will be taught in the classroom and expressing their own personal commitment to Jesus Christ.
  3. Parent and students must be willing to abide by the school’s rules and regulations as expressed in the handbook or the by the administrator and agree with and are supportive of the school procedures for handling student discipline.
  4. Parents must be willing to fulfill the parent resource reading requirement.
  5. The family must be active members of the Body of Christ and regularly attend a Christian church. (Please discuss this with us if you are in between churches)
  6. Parents should be willing to have students picture in the school yearbook.
  7. Parents must be willing to have each family’s name, phone number, and address listed in the CCS directory.
  8. Parents must be committed to providing partnership instruction in the satellite classroom on the days that the child is not attending CCS in order to provide quality education in accordance with the laws of the Massachusetts. Parents are responsible for providing regular structure for completing home assignments, checking assignment sheets and monitoring the student’s completion of these assignments, and helping the student as needed. Students are strongly discouraged from working or being involved in activities during reasonable school hours on the days that they are not attending CCS.
  9. Parents and students must be committed to the university-model learning experience and Christian environment of CCS. Each student must be willing to adhere to CCS’s Code of Conduct, Dress Code Policy, and all other policies.
  10. Parents must be willing to use a Christian Conciliation Service to settle any disputes.