I just have to share a family testimony with you especially because it involves CCS and our wonderful experience there this year.

Deborah just took her placement exam at HCC (a local community college) yesterday and when she finished, the test reviewer said, “WOW. You really blew that away, especially the Algebra section. I’ve never seen an entering freshman score so high on that section. You go right to college level math for sure. Congratulations!”


Last September, we sent you a girl who felt almost totally defeated in Math (just like her homeschool Mommy did as a Math teacher!). Less than a school year later she’s testing out of her level in math at College. It’s incredible and we are very aware of the part that CCS and Mrs. Norris have played in this total turn around.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again… CCS is such a tremendous blessing to our family!

We are so grateful for you.

We’ll be back!! THANKS doesn’t seem like nearly enough but when you next see Diane Norris, please give her a BIG HUG from the Bushey’s!!!

God Bless You All!
– Bob & Ruth Bushey & family

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CCS has been an answer to prayer to our family. I had home schooled my daughter for several years off and on. I felt a very heavy burden to make sure that my daughter had academic excellence because she had already decided to become a nurse. I know that nursing is very competitive. I felt that my teaching abilities were falling short and that it would affect her ability to get into a good college in the future.

I became very stressed with each passing day. We had trouble maintaining the level of discipline that we needed to keep ahead of the public school system, especially in math and science. After much prayer, God lead me to CCS and the university model. She accomplished more in the first semester at CCS than we had accomplished in an entire year home schooling.

She has also learned the self-discipline of getting her work done on the days that she did not have school. I attribute this to the accoutability that CCS provides for the students. I love the flexibility of being able to choose the courses that she is going to take each semester. The teachers and staff are kind and godly and have provided a great example for my daughter. This is the perfect balance between homeschooling and private school. Praise God!
– Sharrie

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Community Christian School has impacted our son, Tim, in many ways. It has challenged him not only academically but also to be more organized and to budget his time. He has developed leadership qualities as he interacts with students of different ages. In addition it has allowed our parent/child relationship to become stronger as we are more involved in his education than we ever were in Pre K-7th grade. The University Model is preparing Tim in every aspect of his life to be a character witness for Christ and a student who is well prepared for whatever life holds for him.
– Patricia